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Early Stage Dementia and the Workplace

Wednesday 22 February 2017 (0930-1300)

College Development Network
Argyll Court
Castle Business Park
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Age ScotlandDementia Aware

Around 90,000 people in Scotland live with dementia, a number expected to double in the next 25 years. As changes to retirement and state pension rules make working beyond 65 common, more people will experience early symptoms of dementia whilst in employment.

Many employees and students are also unpaid carers for someone who has dementia, and a growing number will be affected in some way directly or indirectly by dementia.

A dementia aware workplace and learning environment allows colleges to:

  • Communicate effectively and empathically with someone living with dementia, whether a staff member or student
  • adopt healthy working practices that minimise the risks associated with dementia
  • foster a positive working culture in which staff with dementia or staff and students who are caring for someone with dementia feel supported and valued
  • respond effectively should dementia become an issue.

It also allows staff and students to:

  • Seek medical advice for worries about their thinking, memory or communication abilities
  • tell the college if they have any problems with their thinking, memory or communication, or if they have a diagnosis of dementia
  • make the college aware if they are caring for someone with dementia.


By the end of the workshop, participants will have learnt about:

  • Dementia: what it is, and how it can affect the workplace
  • employers' legal obligations when someone has dementia, or is a carer for someone who is living with dementia
  • ways in which someone with dementia, or who is a dementia carer, may be supported to continue in employment or study
  • support available to employers and employees with regard to dementia.

Suzanne Marshall Phone: 01786 892046
Event co-ordinator:
Caitlin Ritchie Phone: 01786 892148

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